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Climbing Mt Toubkal, surrounded by nothing but great big bouldering rocks, I was overcome with emotion. Truly alone, ascending this mountain that reflected Mordor, dry, barren and surrounded by little life, I felt more presence than I felt living in a busy, bustling town, surrounded by lots of people. SubhanAllah, I felt His love engulf me. As I drew my gaze from feet toward the open blue sky, taking in His glorious creation, in that moment, standing on a solid, strong mountain, I felt His strength reassure me of my own strength. With each and every tiresome step I took, I was reminded of purpose, of Khayr and of self and the reason why we fall, but we get back up. With Khayr we have Tawakkul, that no matter how hard we fall, no matter the number of times we fall, we will always be caught. And then imagine, SubhanAllah, what a love like that could possibly do? 

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