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Amira and Roojie

You’re looking to meet like-minded Muslimahs, feeling stressed, burnt out, and/or disconnected from your spiritual self. You’re looking to disconnect from the world so you can connect back to yourself & escape the chaos of daily life to head to the mountains for the day.

That’s why you should join Amira the wanderlust and Rooji the Foodie in the Lake District this Summer!

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to navigate and use a map and compass? Wanting to plan your own walks and venture out by yourself but feel it's out of reach? This beginner's navigation day will help you to learn the basics of map reading.

The day will start from the very beginning looking at maps, how they work and how to use them before heading for a walk to put some basic skills into practice.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore the mountains with confidence!

Introduction to Navigation Day

Woodland walk and Therapy

Step into the wilderness of Smithills Estate and spot the wild flowers and pollinators such as bees. Create your own painting from your observations and photos taken on the mindful walk that we will do.

3rd August 2024

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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