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About Us

We’re not just another hiking & adventure group. We are a tribe!

The Wanderlust Women is an initiative born out of the need to normalise Muslim women exploring and being visible in the great outdoors. We are a hiking and adventure group that provides like-minded women with the space, knowledge, and skills to traverse green spaces with confidence.

We are mission-driven, and we want to see women gain confidence in using their new-found or re-ignited skills to explore their homelands and beyond. We want to see more Muslim women in outdoor spaces.

Our audience is predominantly Muslim women, and we have found that the profound impact that being part of this wonderful sisterhood has had on our attendees can often not be described in words. It’s a community, a safe space, and a place where we can all connect back to our roots, being God-centred as well as healing from past experiences-all through nature.

We have a vision that is centred around representation, inclusivity, and visibility for Muslim women. We are here to stay; we are here to break barriers and stereotypes placed upon us; and we are here to change what others misconceive as the typical walker, hiker, and mountaineer. The stigma attached to Muslim women and the BAME communities is not only harming them but society at large, and having experienced and faced barriers placed upon her by others in these spaces, Amira has made it her personal life mission to change the perceptions people have of Muslim women in the outdoors through the work we do here at The Wanderlust Women.

Since having founded the group during lockdown 2020, Amira is proud to have been a part of so many women's’ journeys, learning, exploring, and revisiting nature and all that it has to offer. We have provided opportunities ranging from courses on navigation and outdoor skills to day activities in hiking, rock climbing, ghyll scrambling, wild swimming, wild camping, paddle boarding, and even mountain biking. More recently, we have expanded overseas, offering hiking adventures and expeditions worldwide.

The Wanderlust Women also organise retreats within the UK, with each retreat focusing on a different set of skills and knowledge with a close connection to mindfulness and nature.


If you’ve read this far, the question now is: will we see you on our next adventure?


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