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  • Who are The Wanderlust Women ?
    We’re not just another hiking & adventure group. We are a tribe! The Wanderlust Women is an initiative born out of the need to normalise Muslim women exploring and being visible in adventure and travel. We are a hiking and adventure group that provides like-minded women with the space, knowledge, and skills to traverse the world with confidence. For Muslim women created by Muslim women.
  • What is your mission?
    We're driven by a mission: empowering women to embrace newfound skills and explore both their homelands and beyond. Our goal is to increase the presence of Muslim women in adventure, the outdoor spaces and travelling, creating a community for connections, healing, and rediscovering roots. We are on a mission to climb mountains all over the world and change the face of adventure!
  • What is your vision?
    The Wanderlust Women's vision in the outdoors is focused on healing and fostering a connection to faith, community, and sisterhood. Through representation and inclusivity, our aim is to break barriers and empower women to embrace the wonders of nature.
  • Do you go above and beyond?
    At TWW we go above and beyond. We prioritise safety, sustainability, and ethical practices in all our operations. Rest assured that when you choose us, you're choosing a company that is committed to providing exceptional service while protecting the environment and supporting local communities. Join us and be a part of our responsible travel movement.
  • How will I know if I will be able to complete the activity?
    Full details of the walk or activity will be given. All details of the activity will be sent to you, you can also research the location to see if it is for you. We aim to do activities and walks for beginners, intermediate level and advanced level.
  • Is it for everyone?
    The events are for female adults (18+) only. There are no other requirements to attend our events. *Some events are specific for under represented communities, this will be specified in the event details.
  • How often are the UK-based walks and events ?
    We aim to hold a hike every month, giving everyone a chance to attend. Our retreats, courses and other events are spread across the year, subscribe to our newsletter to be the one of the first to know whats on in the months ahead.
  • If I register on an event or hike, can I bring a friend?
    As all our events have limited spaces, any additional attendees would also need to register. You are more than welcome to purchase more than one ticket, and surprise your friend!
  • Where are we based?
    We are based in the Lake District, Cumbria - the North of the UK. However, our events and hikes take place all over the UK.
  • How can we join The Wanderlust Women?
    There is no booking fee to join, everyone is welcome. The events are for adults only. To join an event please subscribe to our mailing list. Events will be posted on our event page, and we will also send emails out. You can also follow us on Instagram and Eventbrite where all events are posted.
  • How can we sign up and book an event?
    We advise to subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date with all our latest and upcoming events. Events will be posted on our event page, and emailed out for those on our mailing list. You can also follow us on Instagram and Eventbrite where all events are posted.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Depending on the activity, you will be provided with a list of items to bring.
  • Where do I find out about these trips?
    All information relating to our trips can be found via our linktree and story links on instagram once the trip has been advertised. We also have all up to date information on our website.
  • Is there a payment plan?
    Yes! We understand trips can be costly, and this is why we look to advertise our trips months in advance. This gives you the opportunity to ensure you can plan ahead, book time off work, and pay in installments. Once you have registered, you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit to secure your place, and the inspired team will take care of the rest - a Direct Debit will set up for monthly payments leading up to the trip departure dates.
  • When can I book my flights?
    We provide recommendations for arrival and departure times for you to book flights. But bear in mind, many of the trips are dependant on numbers filling up for them to go ahead, therefore we advise not to book until our team has confirmed both; that you are accepted on to the trip, and the trip has reached its numbers to go ahead. You will also have access to a pre-departure app where all the relevant information will be provided.
  • Can anyone join?
    Yes, although we are predominantly Muslim women, this group is open for women of all faiths, backgrounds and abilities to join.
  • It's my first time, can I join?
    Of course you can! We welcome everyone and this is what we are all about. Having women step into the outdoors and falling in love with nature.
  • Will I be able to join if I haven't hiked before?
    We have a variety of hikes to cater for the differing levels of hikers, and always state what level the advertised hike is. We encourage everyone to come and join, as our aim is to hold a safe space to help each other and work as a team to step out of our comfort zones.
  • Where do we meet?
    The location and meeting point is always mentioned on the advertised event page.
  • Is transport included as part of the trip?
    Transport is NOT Included, however, we always create a group chat prior the trip where you can discuss the possibility of a car-share with other attendees.
  • I don't have the correct kit, can I still attend?
    We will always send you a full kit list for each event. If you don't have any or all of the items, we have a kit supply which we can arrange for a free hire on the day. If this is the case, once you have booked the event and had confirmation of your place, please email stating you require a kit hire and your sizes, and our team will be happy to make the arrangements for for you.
  • I have health issues, would this impact my ability to attend?
    We are not medical professionals and advise attendees to seek a medical opinion if they are unsure about taking part in outdoor activities. That being said, as long as your doctor has confirmed you are ok to participate, we trust you as an individual will know what is suitable for your body and abilities - and welcome you to join.
  • How do I join one of your expeditions abroad?
    You can join by registering your interest via our online form.Our registration forms are posted live once an expedition has been advertised.
  • Can anyone join the expeditions?
    As much as we would love for you all to join us, some of our expeditions do have pre-requisites due to their nature and ability level. We recommend you read through the information provided for each individual trip to gauge whether you would be a suitable candidate Aside from this, all our expeditions are for female adults (18+) only.
  • Do you have to be an experienced hiker?
    You will be required to have some level of hiking experience, however, each trip will be different and cater for the various ability levels from beginner to advanced. We advise to read the guidelines and requirements for each individual trip. We always provide a training plan in advance.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    All requirements will be listed and sent out to attendees who are accepted onto the expeditions. This includes a full recommended kit list, a training plan to prepare for the trip, and other recommendations dependant on the location.
  • How do we stay up-to-date once registered onto the events?
    We always create a group chat where we will add all registered attendees and post regular updates. This gives you time to get to know others ahead of the trip, and a chance to plan your travels together.
  • Do we have to room share?
    All expeditions abroad are based on shared-rooms. This is one of the ways we are able to keep the costs lower for our tribe. Single rooms are available, upon request and at an additional charge - this charge is variable and at the discretion of the hotel we are staying with.
  • Are flights included?
    Flights are NOT included as part of our abroad expeditions. We do, however, provide recommendations for arrival and departure times. Many of the trips are dependant on numbers filling up for them to go ahead, therefore we advise not to book until our team has confirmed both; that you are accepted on to the trip, and the trip has reached its numbers to go ahead.
  • Is travel insurance included?
    Travel insurance is NOT included on any of our expeditions abroad. We do, however, provide recommendations of companies we know are able to provide the correct cover for each individual trip.
  • Can I cancel my ticket?
    We are aware that life happens and our plans are not always possible. Therefore, we advise anyone who feels they may need to cancel their trip emails the team at as soon as possible - this allows us to open up the space for others on the waitlist. Please keep in mind, a non-refundable deposit was paid to secure your place on the trip, and as per our policy, this will not be refunded.

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