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I had the most amazing time on my first trip with Amira & Wanderlust Woman! This trip was an ideal vacation for me, with a balance of adventure and relaxation. Hiking to the waterfalls, snorkeling as a first timer, and relaxing on the beach all made it on the itinerary, making it the perfect trip. Additionally, the accommodations, the sights, and the foods that we tried were all exceptional! Lastly, the sisterhood was everything. Amira literally attracts the most amazing women to travel with her and it was beautiful how quickly all the girls felt like family. I have no doubt that I’ll have these women in my life forever, iA. And, I’ve already told Amira that any chance I’d get to be able to travel, I’ll be there with her on the next trips iA. I feel like as Muslim woman, we want to travel and experience the world but in a safe space. Traveling with Wanderlust provides exactly that but it doesn’t compromise on the experiences. I would encourage anyone debating on joining to just DO IT. You will not regret it and end up having once in a life time experiences that you probably wouldn’t otherwise!

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